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Manjimup Truffles

This dark, knobbly ingredient with a distinctively intense and earthy aroma is the ‘fruit’ of fungi. Found in places like France and Italy, truffles are also grown in Western Australia’s south-west region of Manjimup.

The Western Australian truffle industry is predominantly focused on the French black truffle or Périgord truffle (tuber melanosporum), which farmers use to inoculate their oak and hazelnut trees. It takes about five years for the truffles to develop, and the harvest period is from June to early September. Western Australia is now the biggest producer of black Périgord truffles outside of Europe.

To use, shave this luxurious ingredient over creamy scrambled eggs or risotto. Keep them dry, tightly wrapped in paper towel, and in an air-tight container. It can be stored in the fridge for one to two weeks.

Available at Culina Dempsey Gourmet Store:
June 2017 till September 2017
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Wild Asparagus, France

Fresh wild asparagus from France, which grows in early spring, is in season now. Gourmands all over the world often anticipate the arrival of these natural edible plants. Found in Western Europe and North America, these foraged pistachio green stalks are slender and long, with coniferous spear-like tips. The plant itself has lacy, feathery, and fern-like foliage. Taste-wise, it’s grassy, nutty and earthy.

This asparagus is crisp and tender in texture, and snaps at its natural bending point. Below this point, the stalk is actually too fibrous to be eaten. It is versatile enough to be sauteed, steamed, boiled, and baked. On busy weeknights, simply enjoy it flash steamed with a drizzle of olive oil and sea salt, tossed in a healthy quinoa salad, or stir-fried Asian-style. You can also blanch and toss the green spears with butter, and pair them with aged cheeses such as parmesan, or cured meats like bacon and proscuitto. To finish the dish, scatter the asparagus with some fragrant herbs like thyme and chervil.

Available at Culina Dempsey Gourmet Store:
April 2017 till July 2017
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Gariguette Strawberry, France

This delicious spring strawberry available between March and June is an old Provençal variety, much-loved and prized by leading chefs for its wonderful scent and outstanding aromatic flavour.

The small, bright red berries with a conical and elongated shape are sweet, soft, delicate and juicy, with a lovely perfume. Its flavour is reminiscent of wild strawberries. The product is highly prized among top chefs. For a simple dessert, dress the strawberries with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar or serve them with sweetened whipped cream. Otherwise, simply enjoy them with chilled champagne. If there’s excess, you can make a homemade strawberry jam.

Available at Culina Dempsey Gourmet Store:
March 2017 till June 2017
Retail price: $5.85 per 100g